Enhance your Industrial Operations: Foster Hose’s Premium Oil Hoses and Fittings

Oil hoses and fittings are specifically engineered to meet the demanding needs of industrial oilfield operations, which involve handling slurry, oily water, diesel, frac sand, and petroleum transfer. These hoses require a design that can withstand rigorous conditions.

At Foster Hose, we understand the unique requirements of oilfield applications and offer a range of top-quality hoses and components to meet those needs. Our product selection includes oilfield hoses sourced from reputable brands such as Rubberworx. Their high-performance hoses can meet the flexibility, weight, and durability requirements for oilfield suction and discharge operations.

Why you need premium oil hoses

Businesses that attempted to use traditional hoses and fittings learned that these products needed to be improved in the most demanding industrial operations. Today, modern oil hoses and fittings are manufactured based on the demands of oilfield operations. They feature higher capacities and more significant pressures than other industrial hoses. Plus, their heavy-duty construction ensures longevity and durability, even when used with salt water, drilling mud, refined fuels, sewage, and unrefined oils.

Heavy-duty hoses and fittings for your application

Oilfield services for pumping, oilfield transfer, and tank truck applications require heavy-duty oilfield suction and discharge hoses and high-quality fittings that can keep up. At Foster Hose, we carry hoses made with durable materials like a black SBR blend for the cover and tube and a two-play textile and wire helix reinforcement. They perform optimally in temperatures from -22 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit and are rated 150 PSI.

Why source your oil hoses from us?

Here at Foster Hose, we can supply a wide range of oil hoses and fittings according to your requirements. We keep our inventory of pre-made products up-to-date to deliver the best hoses and fittings at the correct sizes every time.

Do you need a custom solution? Don’t hesitate to ask our expert team. Foster Hose is ready to collaborate with you and meet your exact needs. Contact us for a quote today!

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