Exploring the Benefits of Foster Hose Ready-Made Hydraulic Hoses in Industrial Fluid Transfer

Industrial fluid transfer applications rely on high-quality hydraulic hoses for operational efficiency, safety, and success. But this doesn’t mean you have to get custom-made hoses every time. At Foster Hose, we can supply a ready made hydraulic hose and all relevant fittings and couplings from top manufacturers. We keep a well-stocked inventory of hydraulic hoses, adapters, and fittings, so we are confident that we can supply the best solution for your application.

One of our specialties is delivering an integrated solution consisting of a wire-braid and spiral-wire hose with suitable coupling products to ensure optimum flexibility and performance. Here are more benefits of choosing our ready-made hydraulic hoses:


Demanding industries like oil, gas, agriculture, refuse, mining and construction trust our ready made hydraulic hose. The durability and strength of our products are tried and tested by these discerning customers under the toughest situations. Plus, we can customize by crimping ¼” to 2.5” hoses up to a working pressure of 10,000 PSI or 1-1 and ½” up to 6,000 PSI.

Highly resistant to abrasion, pressure, and temperature 

Our ready-made hydraulic hoses come with high-quality assemblies that feature cutting-edge construction technologies, like new insulation materials and enhanced wire reinforcement processing and designs. This way, our hoses can withstand varied temperatures, pressures, and abrasion. We also ensure each hose is color-coded to make them easier to identify and install.

Ideal for low- and high-pressure applications

We have a ready made hydraulic hose to meet high and low-pressure uses that are common in industrial, OE, construction, marine, bus, and truck applications. Choose from hoses by MegaSys or hydraulic hoses with an abrasion-resistant cover by MegaTuff. Additionally, we can supply spiral-wire and Eaton/Aeroquip spiral six- and four-wire hoses.

Low- and medium-pressure hydraulics

Some of our ready-made hydraulic hoses come with MegaTuff or XtraTuff covers for increased abrasion resistance than regular covers. Our standard options are medium-braided, but we also have select Gates braided models that can withstand temperatures from 40 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, making them ideal for waterbased fluids, glycol and anti-freeze, hydraulic oil lines, pilot lines, pressure return lines, and heavy-duty transmission oil coolers.

Check with us for more details!

Reach out to the expert team here at Foster Hose for assistance in finding the right ready made hydraulic hose. We can also give a custom quote to help you compare different hoses.

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