Foster Hose & Fittings: Safeguarding Your Fluid Transfer Processes with FDA-Approved Hoses

When it comes to manufacturing food, beverage, and pharmaceutical goods, it is crucial to select high-quality hoses that ensure the safety of the products. At Foster Hose, we offer a wide range of FDA approved hose assemblies specifically designed for dry and wet food transfer applications. Our selection includes FDA rubber hoses as well as 3A and PVC construction hoses. These hoses not only meet the specific requirements of durability, flexibility, and weight but also ensure the safe and efficient transfer of fluids during the manufacturing process.

What are FDA hoses?

An FDA-approved hose is specifically designed to handle rigorous applications involved in wet and dry food transfer processes. By using this type of hose, you can enhance the safety and efficiency of your operations, enabling you to meet strict standards for food and beverage manufacturing and hygiene.

That said, just because individual hose parts or components are FDA-approved doesn’t necessarily mean the whole hose assembly is also FDA-certified. The certification status of the whole assembly relies heavily on where the hose is made. For instance, some manufacturers might use FDA-approved parts from certain brands to construct the hose, but if the facilities where they assemble the hose aren’t FDA-certified, the whole hose assembly cannot be considered FDA-certified.

At Foster Hose, we have gone the extra mile by ensuring that all our facilities are FDA-certified. This means that we can provide a high-quality hose that not only improves fluid transfer but also ensures the utmost safety and compliance with FDA regulations.

For heavy-duty and light-duty applications

Foster Hose carries various light-duty and heavy-duty FDA-approved hoses made of high-quality materials. Our light-duty food discharge and suction hoses are made with an FDA PVC cover and tube, making them suitable for food applications involving light chemicals, abrasives, aqueous solutions, water, pellets, and powders. Plus, their flexible and lightweight construction suits gravity feed and low-pressure applications. On the other hand, our heavy-duty hoses feature a corrugated cover for enhanced flexibility.

Our team can help you choose the right FDA approved hose for your application. We can supply products that can withstand temperatures from -10 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit or -15 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, we can provide a custom quote to help you compare products.

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