Foster Hose Supplies Customized Solutions from Trusted EPDM Hose Manufacturers

EPDM is a highly versatile material widely utilized in hoses across multiple industries and applications. It is commonly found in HVAC systems, automotive heating and cooling, industrial settings, and chemical and biological processing equipment for decontamination and processing purposes. However, ensuring that an EPDM hose is designed and constructed to meet your specific requirements is crucial.

To guarantee the quality and performance of your EPDM hose, be sure to work with reputable EPDM hose manufacturers. By doing so, you can rest assured that you will receive a high-quality product that meets your exact needs regarding flexibility, weight, and durability. Foster Hose is a trusted manufacturer that you can rely on for your EPDM hose requirements.

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Here at Foster Hose, you can be confident in the quality of your EPDM hoses because they work only with reputable EPDM hose manufacturers like Rubberworx and Continental. By working with established companies, we can guarantee the highest quality products that meet your requirements. Our in-house team of skilled experts is committed to meeting your specific needs with professionalism and precision to help you save money and time.

Get customized solutions

We carry pre-made EPDM hoses from reputable brands, but sometimes, their features might be different from what you need. As such, we offer customized solutions from our world-class assembly centers to ensure you are investing in the right products.

Do you need FDA-certified hoses? We are among the EPDM hose manufacturers with FDA-certified assembly centers. This way, we can provide fully FDA-compliant hose assemblies to your business. And if you need us to test your existing hoses, our partnership with OnGuard Asset Management makes us confident in our testing abilities. Just arrange a meeting with us and we will send a crew to your site, or schedule a visit to our facility to drop off your hoses.

Do you need new EPDM hoses?

Why look further for other EPDM hose manufacturers when you have us? Keep browsing this website to explore the products we carry here at Foster Hose. Then, feel free to contact us to get a quote on a pre-made hose or a custom solution.

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