Guidelines for Choosing the Best Companies for Conveyor Belt Service

As some of the hardest-working equipment in your workplace, your conveyor belts must with stand demanding conditions in industries like construction, mining, or manufacturing. However, due to their exposure to harsh environments and the handling of abrasive materials, conveyor belts will inevitably require servicing to maintain their optimal performance. Fortunately, this can be relatively inexpensive and time-consuming, resulting in significant downtime. By engaging the services of top-notch conveyor belt service companies, you can ensure efficient and cost-effective maintenance and repairs for your conveyor belts.

But how do you know who to hire? Here are some guidelines to eliminate the guesswork:

  • Check with the manufacturer or supplier –
    Where did you get your conveyor belts? See if the supplier, distributor, or manufacturer offers a reliable service and check if the warranty covers it. Otherwise, compare quotes from different companies to determine the most competitively priced service.
  • Explore their services –
    What services do you need for your conveyor belt? Look for conveyor belt service companies offering a wide range of solutions to install, string, fasten, wind up, or vulcanize belts of any size. Additionally, check their experience in handling every job, whether foundry, aggregate, power generation, pulp and paper, portable equipment, or recycling.
  • Ensure their expertise –
    Choose conveyor belt service companies with a highly qualified crew and up-to-date equipment to effectively conduct and complete any belt’s stringing, fastening, vulcanizing, winding, or installation. An experienced team will also spend less time doing the work while ensuring the safest and most cost-efficient way to complete the job, so that you can resume your operations sooner.

Are you looking for a conveyor belt service?

Let Foster Hose take care of your conveyor belt service needs! Our in-house team of field technicians has extensive experience fixing and servicing large and small belts, so they know how to do their job quickly and safely. Contact us for a quote or to book a service!

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