Increasing Productivity with High-Performance Petroleum Hoses from Foster Hose

Are your petroleum transfer hoses good enough for your rigorous applications? If they starting to cause problems, it might be time for an upgrade. The key is to work with a trusted petroleum hose manufacturer like Foster Hose so you can get high-quality and suitable products that can meet the most demanding uses in diesel, petroleum, gasoline, fuel, and oily water transfer.

At Foster Hose, we carefully choose only tried-and-true products from reputable brands like Rubberworx. The heavy-duty composite and rubber constructions of their products will meet various requirements for durability and flexibility. Plus, we can customize or fabricate any hose to meet specific weight requirements and other special needs.

The importance of getting the right hose 

Petroleum transfer applications can be highly demanding, and if the hose fails, your productivity is impacted. The same could happen with a hose that cannot keep up with your requirements. That’s why you should work with a reliable petroleum hose manufacturer that can help you find or customize a suitable solution that meets your exact requirements.

At Foster Hose, we carry the following Rubberworx petroleum transfer hoses to fulfill every need. Here is a quick breakdown of the options and their features:

150 PSI Petroleum transfer hoses

With heavy-duty composite and rubber constructions, Rubberworx 150 PSI petroleum transfer hoses can increase productivity in rigorous fuel, gasoline, diesel, and petroleum transfer applications. They suit discharge and suction for refined fuels, petroleum-based products, and oils, making them perfect for oilfield transfer, tank truck, oil pumping, and offshore oil transfer.

Composite hoses 

Do you need a hose for tank farms, loading stations, and midstream pumping stations? We offer a range of heavy-duty composite petroleum transfer hoses that can withstand extreme temperatures without losing their flexibility.

High-pressure petroleum transfer hoses

These hoses are suitable for offshore oil transfer, oil pumping, tank truck, and oilfield transfer with pressures of 300 PSI. They are made of nitrile blend tubes and covers, and reinforced with a four-ply wire and textile helix.

Oil suction discharge

We can supply a petroleum hose for drilling mud, salt water, sewage, well water, low aromatic content petroleum products, and oils. Our oil suction discharge hose is ideal for pumping, oil transfer, and tank truck applications.

Our experts can help increase your productivity

Look no further for a dependable petroleum hose manufactureOur team here at Foster Hose is ready to provide a custom quote for hoses that will meet your requirements. Contact us!

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