Industrial Water Hose from Foster Hose: Meeting Unique Industrial Needs

Hoses are essential to many industries because they simplify and ensure the safest, most effective way to transfer liquids from one point to another. However, they are not simply fluid conveyance solutions. For water suction or discharge, you need a dependable industrial water hose that can meet your exact specifications and requirements for flexibility, longevity, weight, and durability. We recognize this need, so we carry only the most robust, high-quality industrial water hoses from trusted brands like Rubberworx at Foster Hose.

The best rubber hoses for your industrial needs

We specialize in supplying and assembling industrial hoses for many years now. With our experience, we stand by the quality of Rubberworx industrial water discharge and suction hoses and their ability to satisfy the most rigorous industrial water transfer and dewatering applications. Plus, we swear by their robustness, reliability, and efficiency for various applications. Here are some of the products we can supply to you:

  • PVC water discharge hoses –
    For light-duty agricultural, construction, industrial, and dewatering applications, we recommend an industrial water hose with a PVC tube and cover that can withstand residual chemicals and temperatures from -5 to 170 degrees Fahrenheit. Rubberworx also offers heavy-duty PVC hoses rated at 150 PSI.
  • Rubber water discharge hoses –
    Do you need hoses for chillers? We offer heavy-duty rubber water discharge hoses with a rugged construction featuring an EPDM cover and tube for handling glycol solutions. Additionally, we have reliable single-jacket fire hoses for dewatering, agricultural, industrial, and construction.
  • PVC, composite, and rubber water suction hoses –
    Are you looking for industrial dewatering hoses? We carry the widest selection of rubber, PVC, and composite water suction hoses from Rubberworx. Some options are versatile for discharge applications, making them ideal for the most demanding water transfer pumping stations, dewatering, or sewer bypass. The rubber hoses feature an EPDM cover that resists abrasion and an EPDM tube to withstand residual chemicals.

Allow us to supply you with the best industrial water hoses

We can provide the proper industrial water hose that fits your needs! Besides carrying products from established manufacturers, the Foster Hose expert team will work with you to meet your exact requirements. You can also rely on us for custom industrial hoses. Contact our knowledgeable and qualified sales team now for a custom quote!

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