Know How Stainless Steel Wire Braided Hoses Strengthen Industrial Operations

Do you need a high-performance, flexible hose? One of the best options is the stainless steel wire braided hose. The stainless steel wire braided hose is available in a variety of sizes, ranging from ¼” to 12″. They are also available in various alloys, allowing you to select the most suitable option for your application.

Unlike plastic or fabric hoses, stainless steel wire braided hoses offer strength and durability that make them ideal for industrial settings. They help increase productivity and safety, especially in handling substances like chemicals, solvents, acids, hydraulics, and alcohol. These hoses are particularly notable for their outstanding chemical and pressure resistance, too, making them versatile for a wide range of applications. Plus, the best manufacturers like Foster Hose can supply them with FDA/3-A components and assemblies to suit high-purity applications in pharmaceutical, beverage, and food processing.

Strong and flexible 

Among the benefits of a stainless steel wire braided hose is it remains intact and performs well, even under situations with extreme pressure and vibration. Despite the material, it remains a lightweight hose that can withstand temperature extremes. Teflon-lined ones can survive temperatures from -100 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Some are certified by NAHAD to ensure a safe hose that can withstand temperatures up to 325 degrees Fahrenheit.


Are you still using silicone rubber hoses? They may not be the most sanitary and chemical-resistant for industrial applications. Stainless steel wire braided hoses are better alternatives because they are easier to clean and can withstand most chemicals. As such, they are often sought-after in pharmaceutical applications.

Excellent flexibility 

Wondering what makes the stainless steel wire braided hose more flexible? It’s the helically convoluted structure. A stainless reinforcing wire is combined with polypropylene, stainless, or Hastelloy braids and wound into the convolutions to ensure optimum flexibility without breaking down or fraying.

Guaranteed reliable

Looking for a stainless steel wire braided hose? We have what you need here at Foster Hose! Our metal hoses and assemblies are always tested to ensure their reliability in every industrial setting. Contact us so we can give you a custom quote!

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