Overcoming Industrial Challenges with Foster Hose’s Smooth Bore PTFE Hose

One of the challenges in using PTFE hoses is ensuring precise control of the flow. Our smooth bore PTFE hoses—particularly those made with Teflon assemblies—are designed to address this issue effectively. They ensure optimum chemical resistance to overcome industrial challenges involving inert and most substances, including hydraulics, chemicals, alcohols, solvents, and acids. This way, you get a durable solution that can optimize the transfer of any gas, fluid, or solid. To ensure quality, Foster Hose carries smooth bore PTFE hoses from reputable brands.


Are you wondering how a smooth bore PTFE hose can optimize chemical transfer? One of the key factors contributing to its effectiveness lies in its composition. Let’s delve into the details:


The Teflon lining increases the flexibility of the hose, especially when handling high-pressure transfers. Additionally, you can enhance the hose’s performance with various fittings, like the Teflon liner-flared-thru, which you can apply on the sealing face.

EPDM cover

The Teflon lining makes the hose more versatile for any application. Adding the rubber (EPDM) covering further simplifies usage by making the hose easier to grip and clean.


Making the smooth bore PTFE hose helically convoluted can increase its flexibility. At Foster Hose, we have options from stainless to Hastelloy and polypropylene braids. We also carry options with stainless reinforcing wire to ensure reliable performance and strength.

Strong and flexible

Smooth-bore PTFE hoses do well under high pressure and vibration, especially when they have an outer braid. Despite their construction, they are lightweight and can withstand temperatures from -100 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.


Are you looking for a versatile hose? We carry smooth-bore PTFE hoses widely used in different industries, including pharmaceuticals, food, and beverage. Plus, we offer FDA/3-A hoses for the most stringent high-purity applications and products with non-conductive and low-friction conductive tubes.

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