The Importance of Food Hose Pipes: Ensuring Food Safety and Hygiene

Are you a food and beverage manufacturer? Then your utmost priority is the safety and quality of your products. Aside from investing in the right equipment and training your team to ensure the highest safety standards, it pays to look at the quality of your hoses. A food hose pipe is made specifically for your industry to ensure smooth operations and prevent contamination. This is why it’s crucial to pick high-quality and appropriate food hoses for your application to meet your wet or dry food transfer requirements.

Meet food safety standards

As food-grade hoses, food hose pipes have a crucial role in increasing the quality and safety of the products you make. Additionally, they help your business comply with the regulations of organizations like the FDA, SHIPSAN, CDC, and HACCP regarding contamination. So, by using a high-quality food hose pipe, you can be sure of the hygienic and safe transfer of liquids, dry bulk food ingredients, and edible materials.

Prevent contaminants

Contamination will be the least of your worries with high-quality food hose pipes. Why? Because they protect against external contaminants while transferring food and liquids from one location to another. Hoses come in contact with your ingredients, so manufacturers choose materials that can withstand abrasion, heat, and other elements that can quickly degrade them and increase the risk of contamination. Additionally, non-toxic materials like 3A and FDA rubber and composites prevent changes to your products’ purity, smell, quality, and taste.

Choose high-quality food hoses

To get the best food-grade hoses, you must partner with a reliable and established supplier that carries high-quality hoses from reputable brands. Plus, ensure the hoses come from manufacturers with extensive industry experience, suitable quality control measures, and an excellent reputation.

Find the best food-grade hoses here!

Here at Foster Hose, we partnered with reputable names like Rubberworx to bring you the highest food hose pipe. We carry their FDA and 3A rubber and PVC hoses to help you meet all food safety standards. Contact us today, so our team can provide a quote and help you compare products. We can also customize food hose pipes to meet your exact needs.

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