The Key Properties of Industrial Oil Hoses for Heavy-Duty Applications

Are you looking for an industrial oil hose? While there are various factors to consider, one of the things to be mindful of is the application. Industrial oil hoses must be heavy-duty and capable of meeting the most rigorous uses in slurry, petroleum, oily water, frac sand, and diesel transfer. If you are unsure what to look for, here are some key properties to look into when selecting an appropriate hose.

Composite and rubber constructions

Heavy-duty composite and rubber constructions will ensure an industrial oil hose that can meet every requirement in durability, weight, and flexibility. Choose a hose with a cover and tube made of SBR blend material, and reinforced with a two-ply textile and wire helix to ensure versatility in any application.

Wide temperature range

Industrial oil hoses will be subject to extreme temperatures. Make sure they can keep up by verifying their temperature range. High-quality ones can withstand temperatures from -22 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, ensure the hose can handle suction and discharge rates of 150 PSI.

Versatile use

Heavy-duty oilfield discharge and suction hoses must work with drilling mud, unrefined oils, sewage, refined fuels, salt water, and well water. Depending on their composition, they can also suit applications like pumping, oilfield transfer, and tank trucks.

Tested and certified

Is your industrial oil hose suitable for heavy-duty applications? You’ll never know unless it is tested and certified by an expert. Just ensure these tasks are conducted by a trusted company that can help with proper hose selection to save you money.

Where to get industrial oil hoses

Foster Hose is one of the best sources of high-quality industrial hoses and assemblies. We carry a range of metal, PTFE, PFA, FEP, and fluoropolymer hoses to meet your every requirement, so keep browsing this website to find the right product. Plus, we choose products only from trusted names like Rubberworx. If you need help, our experts are ready to give advice or a custom quote to help you make an informed choice. Contact us today!

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