Chemical Transfer Hoses


Acids and chemicals run the scope from mild to volatile to corrosive to hazardous. Foster Hose and Fittings acid and chemical transfer hose provides maximum protection for materials, equipment, operators and the environment.

Foster Hose and Fittings is the first choice in developing and delivering acid-chemical transport hose. Our extensive product listing offers long-lasting, highly flexible, lightweight hose that is designed, engineered and manufactured to handle the most demanding corrosive substance transfer.

From EPDM to Neoprene covers, PTFE to polyethylene tubes, high flexibility for abrasion and chemical resistant capability, we have the perfect hose for your application. Whether the work is acid discharge or suction, count on Foster Hose and Fittings for optimal performance at a competitive price.

We are America’s first choice for acid and chemical transfer hose.

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