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Hydraulic hoses are critical to transport fluids between or to hydraulic components like motors, pumps, tanks, cylinders, and valves. When it comes to industrial applications, having the proper TSC hydraulic hose is crucial.

We understand this requirement at Foster Hose, so we meticulously choose products from highly reputable brands. We also specialize in assembling custom TSC hydraulic hoses specifically tailored to meet the demands of your most rigorous applications. Our well-stocked inventory includes a wide range of high-quality hoses, adapters, and fittings, enabling us to provide you with a comprehensive and integrated solution whenever needed.

Supplying hydraulic hoses to every industrial application

Are you looking to enhance the flexibility and peak performance of your hoses? We offer wire-braid and spiral-braid hoses and couplings to fulfill requirement critical to industries like refuse, construction, oil, gas, mining, and agriculture. Our solutions will help you overcome the challenges in durability and strength. And if you are looking for a high-performance TSC hydraulic hose, we can crimp ¼” to 2.5” with a working pressure of up to 10,000 PSI and 1-1 and ½” hoses with up to 6,000 PSI.

Hoses that withstand the most demanding applications

TSC hydraulic hoses are often subject to extreme temperatures, pressures, and environments. So, we make sure our assemblies come with enhanced hose construction technologies, like the following:

  • New abrasion-resistant insulation materials
  • Better wire reinforcement processing and designs
  • Color-coded to simplify installation

Hoses for any hydraulic requirement

As a hydraulic hose distributor, we are well-stocked in products for high-pressure hydraulics for industrial, construction, marine, bus, and truck applications. These hoses feature the MegaSys system, allowing bends up to one-third of the SAE requirement. Plus, they ensure consistent pressure ratings and color-coded lay lines to simplify hose selection.

In addition, we also carry hoses for medium and low-pressure hydraulics. This time, they feature XtraTuff and MegaTuff covers for enhanced abrasion resistance required in applications like hydraulic oil lines, water-based fluids, petroleum, antifreeze or glycol solutions, grease or pilot lines, heavy-duty transmission oil cooler lines, pressure return lines not exceeding 500 PSI.

Time to invest in better hoses!

Get a TSC hydraulic hose from us! The in-house Foster Hose team of experts is ready to assist you and know your requirements. Contact us now for a custom quote!

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