Foster Hose’s High-Performance Hoses: Maximize the Potential of Chemical Spraying

If you need a chemical spray hose, it is vital to prioritize high-performance equipment, especially for critical applications like paint application and industrial chemical spraying. To ensure your requirements for flexibility, weight, and durability are met, choosing the right product becomes crucial. Foster Hose is here to help, as we offer an excellent selection of chemical spray hoses sourced from trusted brands like Rubberworx. Our reliable products are designed to enhance productivity and deliver consistent, optimal results whenever you use them.

With years of experience supplying and assembling chemical hoses, we understand the importance of precision in chemical spraying. We only carry high-performance hoses, fittings, and assembly solutions. Plus, we have an in-house professional team committed to helping you find the proper hose for your application, whether chemicals, lacquers, water, oils, thinners, paints, or solvents.

High-quality materials

When choosing a chemical spray hose, it’s essential to focus on the quality, materials, and construction to maximize its performance for your application. Nylon is among the best materials for most paint and chemical spraying applications. As you explore the specs, ensure the hose has a natural nylon tube with single- or double-ply textile reinforcement and an oil-resistant rubber cover.

Are your current chemical spray hoses prone to kinking? Our products feature a textile braiding design to prevent that and prolong the hose’s service life.

A versatile hose for most chemical spraying needs

At Foster Hose, we carefully picked chemical spray hoses for handling various chemicals in paint, coating, and agricultural applications. All hoses are rated 750 PSI and come in different sizes to suit your needs.

Are your chemical spray hoses good enough?

Check with our team here at Foster Hose to know more about our chemical spray hoses. hoses for handlingus directly so our professionals can assist you. If you have existing hoses, we offer hose testing and certification with help from OnGuard Asset Management.

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