Nitrile Covered Fire & Mill Hose

Product Specifications

Nitrile synthetic rubber, RMA Class A (High Oil Resistance)

Thick Ribbed Nitrile

Proof PressureService Test PressureWorking Pressure
1'-3'600 PSI1'-3'300 PSI1'-3'270 PSI
4'450 PSI4'225 PSI4'200 PSI
5'400 PSI5'200 PSI5'180 PSI
6'300 PSI6'150 PSI6'135 PSI


Part NumberSizeBowlLength
H610Y50UC11 1/4″50'
H610Y100UC11 1/4″100'
H615Y50UC1 1/21 13/16″50'
H615Y100UC1 1/21 13/16″100'
H620Y50UC22 1/4″50'
H620Y100UC21 1/4″100'
H625Y50UC2 1/22 13/16″50'
H625Y100UC2 1/22 13/16″100'
H630Y50UC33 3/8"50'
H630Y100UC33 3/8"100'
H440Y50UC44 5/16"50'
H440Y100UC44 5/16"100'
H360Y50UC66 5/16"50'
H360Y100UC66 5/16"100'

NPSM or NST Available

Part NumberSizeBowlLength
H610Y50RAF1Rocker Lug, aluminum50'
H610Y100RBF1Rocker Lug, brass100'
H615Y50RAF1 1/2Rocker Lug, aluminum50'
H615Y100RAF1 1/2Rocker Lug, aluminum100'
H615Y50RBF1 1/2Rocker Lug, brass50'
H615Y100RBF1 1/2Rocker Lug, brass100'
H625Y50RAF2 1/2Rocker Lug, aluminum50'
H625Y100RAF2 1/2Rocker Lug, aluminum100'
H625Y50RBF2 1/2Rocker Lug, brass50'
H625Y100RBF2 1/2Rocker Lug, brass100'
H430Y50RAF3Rocker Lug, aluminum50'
H430Y100RAF3Rocker Lug, aluminum100'

800# Double Jacket Fire & Mill Hose

Product Specifications

Double jacket, all polyester

Black, extruded EPDM rubber liner

Spiral synthetic yarn, 2″ is braided

Part NumberSizeCoupling TypeLength
D815-25RAF1 1/2Rocker Lug, aluminum25′
D815-50RAF1 1/2Rocker Lug, aluminum50'
D815100RAF1 1/2Rocker Lug, aluminum100'
D815-50RBF1 1/2Rocker Lug, brass50'
D815100RBF1 1/2Rocker Lug, brass100'
D825-25RAF2 1/2Rocker Lug, aluminum25′
D825-50RAF2 1/2Rocker Lug, aluminum50'
D825100RAF2 1/2Rocker Lug, aluminum100'
D825-50RBF2 1/2Rocker Lug, brass50'
D825100RBF2 1/2Rocker Lug, brass100'
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