F018201-150 Heavy Duty FDA PVC Suction and Discharge Hose – Corrugated Design for Flexible Usage – 1.5″ ID, 1.88″ OD, 50 psi, 29 Vacuum Rating

F018201-150 Heavy Duty FDA PVC Suction and Discharge Hose – Corrugated Design for Flexible Usage – 1.5″ ID, 1.88″ OD, 50 psi, 29 Vacuum Rating

Heavy duty suction and discharge hose with an FDA PVC tube and cover with a static grounding wire along side a PVC helix. Designed for use with abrasives, water, light chemicals, powders, pellets and aqueous solutions. Corrugated cover design for improved flexibility.

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-15°F to 158°F

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Introducing the F018201-150, a highly resilient and versatile suction and discharge hose that has been expertly designed for a comprehensive range of applications. This top-of-the-line hose can effectively transport abrasives, powders, light chemicals, pellets, aqueous solutions, and water. From food and beverage industries to chemical plants, this hose can be a safe and reliable way to transport any material.

The F018201-150 is crafted using high-quality FDA PVC tube and cover, which ensures that it meets the topnotch standards for food and beverage industry materials conveying. With this hose, you can trust that the ingredients being transported will be safely and hygienically transferred every time.

Safety and security are critical in any industrial setting, and the F018201-150 hose boasts a static grounding wire that ensures the safe and secure transfer of materials. It has an eye-catching clear PVC helix that enhances flexibility and promotes visibility during operation. The corrugation cover design enhances this flexibility, making it easy to use and handle in any setting, whether in your facility or job site.

Another benefit of the F018201-150 is its wide range of temperature tolerance which makes it capable of withstanding temperatures from as low as -15°F to 158°F, making it an efficient and reliable performer in any temperature condition. With an impressive inner diameter of 1.5 inches and an outer diameter of 1.88 inches, this hose boasts a pressure rating of 50 psi, making it a perfect fit for any industrial suction and discharge needs.

The vacuum rating of 29 makes it a safe and dependable choice for any task, backed up by a 03:01:00 burst ratio. Whether you’re transporting abrasive materials, chemicals, or aqueous solutions, the F018201-150 stands out as the best option for your business. Experience the difference today by trying out the F018201-150 for yourself.

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